The hotel restaurant pizzeria SONNE has been in the Bonetti family for three generations and is currently managed by sisters Maja Gardiol-Bonetti and Petra Franca Bonetti. The company employs 35 people. We wish you a delightful stay with us in the SONNE and many unforgettable moments in St. Moritz!

Our grandparents, Stefano and Maria Bonetti-Miotti acquired the Sonne property on October 1, 1930. At that time it consisted of rental stables, a small restaurant and a handful of rooms. On 01. May 1931 they opened the doors of a new business.  
Between 1944 and 1952 a Coaching House was added. Over and again, things were improved and enhanced.  
From 1960 to 1974 the Sonne included a dancing club "La Baita". This was known throughout the valley with a 3 piece dance band and the reed wall cladding.  
In 1964, the SONNE had 14 rooms with running water and 3 bathrooms: at that time a real luxury.  
1970 the CASA FRANCO was obtained. An unusual feature, a US military Boeing B 17G aircraft also known as the "flying fortress”, was to be found on display in the parking lot.  
In 1979, under the direction of Franco and Lisa Bonetti, the 200-seat restaurant was made into the first pizzeria featuring a wood-fired oven in the Engadine, and the 60- seat outdoor terrace was created. An additional 14 rooms with private bathrooms in the main building brought more and more guests to the establishment.  
In 1990 the CASA DEL SOLE was constructed with 14 single, 10 double, and 2 family rooms, a seminar room, a lounge with mineral museum and an underground car park.  
In 1995, 20 double rooms with showers were added to the main building. From that point on the Hotel SONNE had, in the three buildings, over 80 rooms with shower or bathtub, WC, hair dryer, radio alarm clock, satellite TV, telephone, Wi-Fi, minibar, safe and balcony. We rent a brightly lit seminar room for up to 60 people, a smaller meeting room and offer our guests a cozy lounge, a large private car park and an underground car park.  
At the Hotel SONNE, the restaurant kitchen was brought up to state of the art in 2002. For our guests we furnished a modern, elegant lounge with a diverse collection of minerals, fossils and fossilized woods in the CASA DEL SOLE. With regards to infrastructure, we enlarged the office and added a professional laundry and storage rooms.  
In the Spring of 2006, on our 75th anniversary, the restaurant was renovated. The new showpiece was the wood fired pizza oven. The bottom plate is driven electrically and rotates, cooking the pizzas faster and more evenly.  
In the Spring of 2015, an elevator was installed in the main building and the restaurant restrooms were renovated.  
In the Fall of 2017, we brought in technical updates to the seminar room.  
In the Spring of 2018, the CASA DEL SOLE was newly and comfortably re-furnished.  
This year we demolished the 14 rooms over the restaurant, dating from 1979, to create 20 new superior non-smoking double rooms featuring private glazed loggia with views over Corviglia and Piz Nair, a 180x200 box spring bed, walk-in shower, shower toilet, hair dryer, 43” TV with 60 channels in 8 languages, radio, telephone, coffee machine with tea function and coffee / tea set. The restaurant has been redesigned, to be spacious and light-filled with energy-efficient ventilation and heat recovery plus a new feature of separable areas so the Sonnenstübli and the hall can now be used individually for events. You can now enjoy a private party or a company event with us in your own space. The reception has also been made brighter and more spacious. For environmental reasons, we are now connected to the Energy Network Project of the St. Moritz municipality. Our hotel guests can also rent e-bikes from the hotel.  
Our family’s fourth generation is now growing up with Anna Giulia, Gina Selina, Valentino Franchino, Noah Konstantin, Julia Katharina, Isabella Aurora and Allegra Natalia.  
In the summer of 2017, Anna Giulia enrolled in the Hotel School, Thun and we would love to see her become the fourth generation to continue with the Hotel Sonne.