History of the hotel

The hotel-restaurant-pizzeria SONNE is now directed by the third generation, Maja Gardiol-Bonetti and Petra Franca Bonetti, the company with the kitchen chef Silvano Carluccio with 29 employees

October 1930
The grandparents Stefano and Maria Bonetti-Miotti buy the real property Sonne

May 1931
Opening of the restaurant. Part of the property at that time: stables for rent, restaurant and a few rooms for rent.

1944 – 1952
In this time also a horse-carriage company is incorporated. During the following years, new parts are built or reconstructed.

1960 – 1974
During this time the dancing „La Baita“ with its 3-man band and the common reed interior is open and known and popular all over the valley.

Since this year
14 rooms with running water and 3 bathrooms are available at the Hotel Sonne.

Casa Franco is built in this year
. On the parking lot an American military plane type Boeing B 17 G is exposed, a so-called flying fortress.

ranco and Lisa Bonetti (the 2nd generation) enlarge the restaurant with 250 spaces and it becomes the first Pizzeria with wood-burning oven in the Engadine. The terrace with 50 seats is very popular among the guests who frequent the house more and more often. Further development and growing of the hotel.

It's time for the 3rd generation. Astrid Bonetti becomes head of the reception.


Maja Bonetti takes over the administration of the hotel.

All three daughters work at the hotel now, Petra Bonetti is responsible for the restaurant.


Construction of the Casa del Sole*** with 14 single, 10 double and 2 three-bed rooms. The Casa del Sole*** also disposes of a conference room with space for up to 60 people.

Renovation of the main building Sonne***, the rooms are up to date and offer all standards. The lounge with the collection of minerals is built at the Casa del Sole***. The large parking lot is renovated and the underground parking garage is built. The hotel Sonne has 97 rooms now.

The Bonetti family acquires the Villa Engadina in Vulpera and wakes up this house from 40 years of sleep. 19 individually furnished single and double rooms, suites and a fantastic apartment are available for the guests. A dream comes true for Astrid Damerow-Bonetti with the opening in June 1999.

After a renovation the kitchen of the restaurant is technically up to date again.
Also the other functional rooms such as offices, laundry and storage rooms are equipped according to modern standards.
The lounge at the Casa del Sole*** gets a special touch with the permanent exhibition of minerals, fossils and petrified pieces of wood.

Renovation of the restaurant in spring on the occasion of our 75th anniversary. The new centrepiece is the new wood-burning oven for pizza which turns automatically. Now it takes less time and quality remains the same because the temperature ia always on the same level and the pizzas can be baked constantly. The atmosphere is still cosy and the concept has not been changed. We stick to our principle of an optimal cost-effectiveness. The new furniture, curtains, floor covering and illumination give the restaurant a new, friendly appearance. Also the hotel entrance and the front desk have been created new.

The fourth generation with Anna Giulia, Gina Selina, Valentino, Noah Konstantin, Julia Katharina, Isabella Aurora and Allegra Natalia.

In the summer of 2017 Anna Giulia started with the hotel school and hopefully will continue as 4th generation at the Hotel Sonne.


Hotel Restaurant Pizzeria Sonne St. Moritz
Via Sela 11
CH-7500 St. Moritz
fon  0041 (0)81 838 59 59
fax 0041 (0)81 838 59 50


Renovation Hotel Sonne 2019

Projekt Hotel Restaurant Pizzeria Sonne

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reopening 04.07.19

Please note, that in the neighbouring building there will be construction noise from 8 a.m to 6 p.m.